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Jiangsu Huarongda Thermal Energy Technology Co., Ltd

电 话:137-7000-0055

传 真:86-0515-83097977

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地 址:公司总部 :江苏省盐城市解放南路南金鹰国际广场商务1号楼519-520


Jiangsu Huarongda Thermal Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise that integrates professional research and development, design, production and manufacturing, and service; We are engaged in the processing and production of various series of equipment and their accessories, including gas drying kilns/heat treatment kilns, far-infrared drying kilns/heat treatment kilns, box furnaces, environmental protection equipment, heat treatment, industrial heaters, etc. Our products have exquisite technology, reliable quality, and superior performance, and have a high reputation in the same industry in China.
Since its establishment, Jiangsu Huarongda Thermal Energy Technology Co., Ltd. has a total of 72 employees, including 18 engineering and technical personnel, with assets of 38 million yuan. The company has complete mechanical processing equipment such as turning, planing, grinding, drilling, milling, shearing, pressing, folding, welding, cutting, sawing, and cutting, with complete testing methods. The company always takes the market as the leader, with excellent quality and the service tenet of putting the first party (demand/user) first. It has maintained long-term cooperative relationships with multiple research institutions, Joint development of high-tech and technologically advanced far-infrared radiation electric drying/heat treatment kilns, gas drying/heat treatment kilns, roller conveyor kilns, mesh belt kilns and other product equipment, while increasing product automation and intelligence to achieve interconnectivity; Always following up and learning from the world's excellent technologies, constantly innovating, leading the industry, and insisting on providing excellent services to customers. With years of industry experience, the company has always adhered to the business policy of "excellent quality, first party (demand/user) first, integrity, and service first", and has won the trust of our customers with excellent employee quality, excellent product quality, and thoughtful and timely service.
The company has been awarded the title of High tech Enterprise in Jiangsu Province. It is an executive director of the China Refractory Industry Association and one of the top ten brand enterprises in drying equipment in Jiangsu Province. With years of rich experience in non-standard development, we welcome customers, friends, and people from all walks of life to inquire or conduct on-site inspections for guidance!

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